Frequently Asked Questions


Our photobooth set up can accomodate any style of event including when it comes to space!  It can fit anywhere within a 2x5 to a 101x10 square foot area.   All we need is access to an outlet & flat ground. 


If you live in the El Paso, TX or neighboring cities, delivery is at no cost!  All deliveries made outside this region will be charged an additional service fee. 

Want A Custom?

Head over to our Let's Chat page and tell us about your request! You dream it, we make it.  Its really that simple! 

                       -all you have to do is say Please!

Can I post to social media from the booth?

At Photo Cheddar, we like to keep some things classic.  That goes for social sharing!  You can't post from the kiosk, but after the event, the host will receive a copy of ALL THE PHOTOS taken during the night... PLUS (upon the host's request), pictures can be posted on our Facebook page @PhotoCheddar for your use after the event. 

             So, for now... enjoy the moment!


How many pictures am I allowed to do?

Unlimited!!  When we say unlimited, IT MEANS unlimited! So, go ahead... Don't be shy!

Will there be someone to help?

At every event (no matter the size) an attendant will be there for safety and crowd control.  Feel free to be yourself, have fun and most importantly: Say Cheese! 

How to reserve your day

To reserve your booking, we require a 25% deposit.  Payments can be made by check or via email upon speaking to an Event Coordinator about your special day.  How do you speak to an Event Coordinator you ask? Head over to our Let's Chat page for more info! 



Do you only do weddings?

The party must go on (no matter what type)!!  Weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays, corporate meetings/events, funerals, divorce bashes, bebe showers, etc... You party? We'll be there!


Is Photo Cheddar really that cheesy?

Uhmmm….. YES!