Frequently Asked Questions


Our photobooth set up can accomodate any style of event including when it comes to space!  It can fit anywhere starting at a 2x2 square foot area.   All we need is  flat ground!


If you live in the El Paso, Texas, delivery is at no cost!  All deliveries made outside this region will be charged an additional service fee based on location. 

How do guests receive their photos?

Immediately after taking their poses, the guests received their photos via text message.

Can I post to social media from the booth?

At Photo Cheddar, we like to keep things flowing smoothly (specially when the line to the photobooth gets long).  So you'll get your photos via text message first and from there, you can post to your social media pages! 

             So, for now... lets enjoy the moment together!


How many pictures am I allowed to take?

Unlimited!!  When we say unlimited, IT MEANS unlimited! So, go ahead... Don't be shy!

Will there be someone to help?

At every event (no matter the size) an attendant will be there for safety and crowd control.  Feel free to be yourself, have fun and most importantly: Say Cheese! 

How to reserve your day

To reserve your booking, we require a 25% deposit.  Payments can be made by check or via email upon speaking to an Event Coordinator about your special day.  How do you speak to an Event Coordinator, you ask? Head over to our Let's Chat page for more info! 



What type of photos can i take?

Our photosbooths are equiped to take single shots, boomerangs, polaroid style photos & much much more!


Is Photo Cheddar really that cheesy?

Uhmmm….. YES!